Malabrigo Yarns

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Malabrigo yarns are super delicious, the colours are intensely beautiful, reminding you of watercolours but pumped up and are super soft, using only the finest Merino from Uruguay.  

On that note they are also a really lovely company which is why I'm happy to stock them and here are the reasons why:

  1. Their factories are as eco friendly as possible - they have installed massive solar panels and a lot of the electricity used to heat the water for dying is solar powered.
  2. They use free range Merino, looked after by real shepherds with real crooks keeping alive a tradition which is on the decline and looking after the welfare of the animals at the same time.
  3. They employ mostly women but always give preference to those who have had less opportunities in life.

In addition to those points they really are top quality but at an affordable price bracket for luxury hand dyed yarns.