Drum Carding Exploration!


Please come to BEGIN for 9am - 12noon or to BEGIN at 1pm - 4pm
Drum Carders are incredible machines they can turn fleece straight from the sheep into clouds of fluffy wonderment. However that is the very tip of the vast array of exciting techniques that a drum carder can perform!
In this workshop we will explore how to use a drum carder to blend colours, materials and textures together to create spectacular "batts" which are big blankets of fibres which can then be felted or spun, or just held and cuddled, whichever is your preference. 
You will learn the basics of drum carding and blending using a handmade Classic Carder drum carder.
Then we will go into some more exciting techniques: blending gradients, adding inclusions, making landscape batts, "making a sandwich" batt (my favourite)
Then it's over to you to try out the techniques you've learnt! 
Go shopping in Freya Jones with your voucher and choose from over 50 different colours, textures and materials to make your batts truly unique and bursting with character!
What's included:
Drum carding tutorial with Freya Jones
Use of a handmade Classic Carder drum carder
tea/coffee and biscuits
£10 voucher for materials to use on the day or take away with you
All the Batts you make obviously!
What should you bring?
If you have your own drum carder bring it along and jump the queue! 
You may bring your own fibres and inclusions as long as they have been stored indoors and are completely bug free - anything stored in a garage, shed or loft will be asked to kindly wait outside for it's owner. Please do not bring any raw fleece.
A few pennies for extra fibre if you get really into it - although your voucher should cover you for the day.

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