Trees Of The Chilterns With Janet Edmonds - Signed Copy Of Her Book & £10 Materials Voucher Included

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This workshop explores close observation of the marks left by the passing of time, of growth and weathered details on the surfaces of trees. The act of looking, considering and recording the infinite variety of detail, will result in intensely worked surfaces on paper and fabric.
We will build surfaces by adding and subtracting a variety of media to paper and fabric. Methods used will include scraping, scratching, sanding and incising. Earlier applications of paint and marking will be bitten and eroded away and the addition of hand stitch at stages during the making process being an integral technique to enhance the textile samples that will inspire future work.


Working with Textile Artist Janet Edmonds to take a macro lens look at the detail within the everyday you will learn a variety of techniques and be inspired to use surface stitching in a contemporary way.

We welcome you to bring your own materials from home but we understand you may not have a full compliment of oil sticks, inks, embroidery threads, paints and fibres etc. so we will provide you with a £10 voucher to go shopping in Freya Jones with and be able to gather up all the lovely and inspiring textures you'll need.  

Course time 10am - 4pm

What's Included?
A £10 voucher to use in Freya Jones on materials.
A Signed Janet Edmonds Book to take home, From Art to Stitch By Janet Edmonds.
Tea/Coffee in vast quantities!

Please arrive to START at 10am

Materials List

A design source, either photographs or drawings to show details of trees. Look for details of tree trunks and bark in all its variety, branches, knots, lichens, fungi, leaves and seedspods, stacks of sawn logs, graffiti etched into the bark and peeling bark.

A variety of papers - – cartridge, brown paper, tissue, thin card, newspaper, coloured papers either coloured yourself or commercially coloured.

Drawing materials: variety of pens and pencils for drawing and marking

Colouring medium, acrylics, to include black and white,  inks or water soluble crayons, oil pastels

Variety of brushes, small piece of sponge, palette and water pot

Cutting equipment, craft knife with spare blades, Elastoplast, mat,

Apron and disposable gloves, kitchen paper for cleaning up

Usual sewing kit, variety of threads for hand stitch fine to thick.

Two pieces of paper about A4 that have been sewn with a grid of machined lines no more than 3mm apart.  This may be copy paper, thin cartridge or newsprint.

Fabrics – calico, fine cotton, muslin, chiffon, any fabrics you have that break down easily such as bandage or scrim. Small scraps of coloured

Fabrics including wool fleece or silk tops.

About the Tutor

Janet Edmonds is a well known and published Textile Artist and Author. Exhibiting across the globe and the length and breadth of the UK, her ever evolving contemporary surface stitch designs in both 3D and 2D forms. 

Edmonds has authored 4 published books and during her residency at Freya Jones she hopes, will be used to inform her 5th book.

Whilst Edmonds' work sits wholly in the contemporary, modern field of textile art she is constantly inspired by ancient works and medieval reliquaries, walks in nature and the structural and organic forms of trees and coastal landscapes. 

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