Join in the Fun!

On the First Saturday of each month Freya Jones will be hosting Knit and Natters, Sit and Spin and Weave and Whinge!

10am to 1pm: Knit and Natter - £3.00 per person which includes lots of cups of tea and biscuits

1pm to 4pm: Sit and Spin or Weave and Whinge - £5.00 per person Bring your choice of spinning or weaving equipment and drink lots of cups of tea and coffee, eat many biscuits and be in the company of other people interested in your crafts! I'll be on hand to answer any technical queries and help you if you need it.

Free Parking, WC on site and a woofy dog - all the facilities one needs!

Seats are limited so come bang on time to avoid disappointment

January 6th

February 3rd

March 3rd

April 7th

May 5th

June 2nd