Classic Carder Compact

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This carder is ideal if storage is a problem or you want a carder that is easy to carry  - perfect if you take your carder with you ‘out and about’. It has a 9:1 drum ratio and a surface speed ratio of 20:1 which will distribute the fibre at a greater degree on the drum. This improves the blending but does not affect the way in which the drum carder cards.

Classic Drum Carder features

Quality 4 ply pale blue card cloth in 48, 72 and 120 tpi
Spiral strip, straight pin licker-in
Interchangeable drum system
Solid ash frame
Cards up to 70g (2.4oz)
Drum Ratio of 9:1 (4.5:1 ratio available by request)
Surface Speed Ratio of 20:1
Adjustable drum
Folding handle
Comes with doffer for removing the batt and table clamps
Full instruction and a two year guarantee with Classic Carder and Freya Jones



Material – Ash
Length – 380mm(15”)
Width – 340mm (13.5”) the handle folded and 390mm (15.25”) handle out for use.
Height – 195mm (8”)
Weight – 4.2kg (9.3lb

What Cloth?;

72 tpi is your standard cloth, perfect for most breeds of sheep fleece and for colour blending. If you're unsure of what you'll be mainly carding always plump for the 72tpi, it's a great all rounder.

48 tpi is for COARSE wools and wild blending of crazy textures and inclusions

120tpi is for FINE wools

Why Long table?

A long table allows you to put more on to be carded and more importantly sort your fibres out so that you can see through them to the table before starting carding. It saves time by doing more in one go without stopping

Why High Sided?

High Sides allow you to use the carder straight on, with the table of the carder in front of you and the handle to the side. Without high sides, when you turn the handle it is very nearly at the table and will catch your fingers, with high sides there is enough room for your hand and you can therefore card in any position. High sided was an absolute must for me when I bought my Classic Carder and I thoroughly recommend it.

What additional items should I think about?

I really strongly recommend the Classic Carder Finishing Brush which sits on the back of the carder and pushes down all the fluff being carded. This allows you to fit more on, making your carder more economical and the slightly more compressed batts (still very light and airy) seem to come off cleaner. 

I also recommend a Porcupine Quill for removing stray bits and cleaning your carder without damaging the tines

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