Magical Lanterns! Copper Foiling Course

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Course times 9.30am-4pm

Copperfoiling is a stained-glass technique developed by the famous Tiffany Company. Join Carrie Kearsey, an experienced art teacher to learn how to design, cut and complete beautiful and creative glass items from a choice of designs to make your very own magical T-Light Holder! Perfect to give as a personalised gift to a loved one or for yourself!

You should have time within the day to complete two copper foiled panels (two sides of the lantern) and two clear or coloured glass panels. If you prefer to complete all four panels in copper foil designs this workshop is offered as a two day course for £150,on the 30 th and 31 st October.

What's included?
All tools and glass
Copper foil
Wires and beads etc.
Also aprons and rubber gloves
Extractor fans.
Plasters for small cuts.
Anti-bacteria hand gel 
Soldering irons are paired with extractor fans and open windows for
comfort and safety.
An information sheet covering all the processes is also available.

What should I bring?
Students are required to bring their own face masks and lunch/water etc. They must wear shoes with a closed toe - not sandals as a precaution against shards of glass on the floor cutting them or dropping glass. Small bottle of anti-bac hand gel for personal use. Their own apron if preferred but I will provide one. Please bring a lidded cup if you have one – this is to stop glass getting into your tea/ coffee!

Please bring your own lunch 

About Carrie Kearsey
I am a skilled artist and professional teacher of art, with a degree in Ceramics and Creative Design. I use a wide range of media in my own work including glass, ceramics and paint. I have developed my skills in stained glass, copperfoil and fused glass over a number of years and regularly teach copperfoil. I exhibit and sell my work locally.


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