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365 Days Of Kawaii

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Draw adorable unicorn pictures for a whole year this fun book for the young and young at heart covers the widest range of unicorn designs ever 365 of them no less!

In the magical universe all the animals can have wings, unicorn horns and sport rainbow colours. And where unicorns live there are kawaii objects, pretty landscapes and sweet treats to make life joyful. To communicate, unicorns write with cute letters, decorate their messages with pretty motifs and even have their own emoticons!

This fantastic book features 365 step-by-step sequences showing exactly how to build up a huge range of unicorn-themed designs. Starting with simple shapes you will progress to add details and finally colours. With an easy tutorial at the start of the book, each sequence is then entirely visual, with no complicated instructions to read. This adorable book will entertain endlessly and let you in to a rainbow-filled unicorn world every day of the year.

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