Expedition Strength Moustace Wax-Freya Jones-Freya Jones Art and Craft

Expedition Strength Moustace Wax

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For a truly firm hold, look no further than Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength Moustache Wax. Not only is this the Captain's strongest concoction, but it has a distinguished sandalwood scent too. Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength Moustache Wax gets it's grip from bees wax. The natural firm hold is sure to keep your tash in top shape all day long, no matter how exotic your style. With sandalwood oil to nourish your mo and provide a distinguised fragrance, this moustache wax lives up to the very highest standards. Warm a little between your thumb and forefinger, then massage it through your moustache and finish the tips with a twist and twirl.

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