Faux Luxury - Cardinal Wolsey - Exclusive blend

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Darling! This fabulous blend of super soft Faux Cashmere, Shiny Bamboo and Merino will leave you in a daze from how soft and squidgy it is! Because of the Faux Cashmere (Nylon) and Bamboo content these blends make excellent socks as well as all round great blends for everything!

Love him or Loathe him, Cardinal Wolsey (whilst having a name that contained Wool so is right up there in my cool books) knew how to dress. Red was an expensive and long process to produce to reserved for the rich and important. So cloak yourself in various hues of red and be a VIP yourself, with all the joy of the finest of materials!

Also great for wet or needle felting.

20% Faux Cashmere
20% Bamboo
60% Merino


Pssst… If you want real luxury, Cardinal Wolsey is also available in the "Exquisite Luxury" blend, using real cashmere and mulberry silk

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