Forever Florals Rose Tag Pad

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This launch celebrates the much-loved Rose, a symbol of love, friendship and gratitude and forever admired for its unmistakable beauty. Featuring radiant rose imagery delicately embellished with Rich Gold foil throughout, with backgrounds, delicate colours and perfect patterns that give this collection a timeless feel. The Forever Florals - Rose Tag Pad is the first of its type and is sure to become a firm favourite on your craft shelf! Containing 48 stunning tags between its covers, they are easily removed and perfect for use as toppers in your projects or embellishing bigger projects further. You can use them as gift tags or put them back-to-back to create double-sided designs that will sit in apertures! The tags feature a beautifully ornate shaped top and press-out hole and utilise the stunning rose artwork used throughout the entire range making them perfect to work alongside the other items should you desire. Tags include full artwork designs, heartfelt sentiment designs, and designs that feature areas perfect for adding your own words. Size: 10cm x 6.5cm

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