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100% Mulberry Silk Brick (Top)

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Mulberry Silk is also known as Bombyx silk or Cultivated silk. This is the best quality silk you can buy. It is produced from the silk worms of the Bombyx Mori Moth. Their Diet consists solely of Mulberry leaves.

In the 17th Century Black Mulberry trees were imported to Britain in the hope of cultivating our own silk. The first mulberry plantation was on what is now the site of Buckingham palace. It wasn’t until years later when the trees were mature did they realise that silk worms only eat the leaves of White Mulberry trees and thus we have no silk production but we do have tasty fruits.

1 Brick shown, This item is sold in "Bricks" which is roughly 125g

Although we try to match the true colour in the photograph, please be aware that colours on different monitors differ. Come into the shop to see and feel it in the flesh as it were!

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