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125g Bar of Olive Oil Soap

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100% Olive oil soap for wet felting, no artificial fragrances or colours - all completely natural.

When you are wet felting it's important to use soap to stop everything sticking and catching, distorting your fibres. It's recommended to use olive oil soap for several reasons;

Firstly it's low sud, you don't want bubbles just lubrication, bubbles will trap air into the project and make it harder to felt and then wash out the soap.

Secondly it's kind to your hands, you will have your hands wet for quite a while so you need to have a soap that won't dry you out, felting should be enjoyable not turn you into a crocodile.

Thirdly it dissolves quickly in water. Ideally you should grate some soap into your water to 'wet out' the fibres with and use a bar on the surface through a net/mesh.

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