Ashford SampleIt Reeds 10" Width-Ashford-Freya Jones Art and Craft

Ashford SampleIt Reeds 10" Width

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Reeds are available for differing yarns. Made from strong, durable nylon with Silver Beech rails. The reeds come in 25cm (10") width with use of sampleIt Looms.

Use the 2.5dpi reed for mega chunky yarns such as yarn made from fabric, or use multiple thinner yarns in the same slot or eye.

Use the 5dpi reed for chunky and novelty yarns and features the wide eye for novelty yarns.

Use the 7.5dpi reed for DK or Worsted weight yarns

Use the 10dpi reed for 4ply or sport weight yarns. Use 8/2 weaving yarns doubled

Use the 12.5dpi reed for 8/2 weaving yarns doubled or fine yarns

Use the 15dpi reed for 8/2 weaving yarns singly or fine yarns

These are guidelines for weaving an even weave fabric, there is no wrong set it entirely depends on what effect you want to achieve. Don't forget this is only the set for the warp - your weft can be anything else! If you have any questions give me a call and I'll try to help you as much as possible 


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