Advanced Spinning: From Worsted to Woolen 2 Day Course-Freya Jones-Freya Jones Art and Craft

Advanced Spinning: From Worsted to Woolen 2 Day Course

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Course Time 10am - 4pm Both Days 

In this informative day you'll learn the difference between Worsted and Woolen Yarns, how to make them and why. A good understanding of the different types of yarn that can be produced from a single top will give you greater knowledge when selecting fibres and matching them and the way you spin them for the end project. It may change the way you choose to spin yarn for socks or jumpers - or it may not! 

At the start of the day we will start spinning worsted and slowly throughout the day you will learn semi-worsted including the "Freya Technique" Spinning from the fold, both from the point and from the flat, them moving into more semi-woolen using backward draw techniques and before you know it you'll be spinning long draw! Either American supported or English Unsupported style - or both!

And as if by magic you'll suddenly have lots of spinning styles in your arsenal that you can continue to employ or never use again! 

Different Spinning Styles is my passion and in my opinion allows you as the spinner to leap forward in your ability just by having a go at different techniques. You should know that I truly believe there is no right or wrong way to spin - as long as you're producing the yarn you want then that's correct. However by learning the "accepted correct way" and having an understanding of WHY things happen then you are in control of your yarn and re-produce time and again the yarn you want and not just by accident.

This Course is for experienced Spinners who can spin and ply. Please do not book on if you cannot spin.

What's Included?
Use of wheel if necessary - please let me know in advance
Use of Carding Equipment
Wool tops

What Should I bring?
Your Spinning Wheel

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