Tour De Fleece Free Spin 18th - 20th July


Once again Freya Jones is hosting her own Tour De Fleece!

Come and join in on our free spin days. Sometimes when you're at home you can never relax to sit down and spin, someone wants feeding, you feel the strangest urge to just tidy that coffee table, some swine drops by for a cup of tea, any and all distractions occur when you want some "me time" so come to Freya Jones during the 18th, 19th or 20th July for a completely relaxing spinning experience. Freya will make you several million cups of tea and coffee, you can chat with others or simply be. It's a lovely environment to just enjoy our craft.

Don't forget the Outrageous French Accent Party on Saturday 21st! We will be spinning whilst eating lots of French bread and cheese and taking in ridiculous accents - it's just a bit of a laugh really!

Whilst you don't have to, you may want to take part in the Tour De Fleece Competition. To be eligible you must spin some Freya Jones Fibre, You must post at least 3 progress photos onto the Ravelry page - or the Facebook page, preferably both and You MUST have fun.

There is a prize for everyone who takes part made by my own dear hands and further prizes for those who spin the most meterage on a wheel (Green Jersey) and another prize for the longest meterage on a drop spindle (Polka Dot Jersey) A prize for the most improved rookie (must have been spinning less than 2 years - White Jersey) and finally a pulling out of the hat prize (yellow Jersey)

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