Ashford Knitters Loom Bag


The Knitters loom carry bags are available for Knitters Loom sizes, 30cm, 50cm and 70cm (12ins, 20ins and 28ins). This sturdy bag is padded, zipped with four pockets and shoulder straps. The canvas is a smart natural and black colour to complement the colour of the nylon parts on the loom. 

I recommend getting the bag (preferably with the loom as it's cheaper that way) because these bags really are very useful and very well made. If you are taking your loom out and about with you the benefit is obvious, but if that's not your intention it could seem a bit of a waste of money - not so. If you store your folded loom in the bag then everything is all together - all your reeds, shuttles and pick up sticks not floating about the house getting lost or sat on. The cat/dog/miniature pig can't shed fur all over it or sleep on it and it also family proofs it as it's out of sight so meddling hands can't 'clear it away'.

Bizarre trouser wearing is optional when carrying the bag.

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