Firecrest 100% Merino Top


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Merino is perfect for spinning or felting, it's super soft with a micron count of 23! All our Merino colours are named after the Chilterns and the surrounding area.

The firecrest is a small plump bird, 9 cm in length with a wingspan of 13–16 cm and weighs 4–7 grams (0.14–0.25 oz). It has bright olive-green upperparts with a  bronze-coloured patch on each shoulder, and whitish underparts washed with  brownish-grey on the breast and flanks. It has two white wingbars, a tiny black pointed bill, and brownish-black legs. The head pattern is striking, with a black eye stripe, long white supercilium, and a crest which is bright yellow in the female and mainly orange in the male. The Firecrest is extremely rare in Britain but makes it’s home in Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire!


100g shown

Although we try to match the true colour in the photograph, please be aware that colours on different monitors differ. Come into the shop to see and feel it in the flesh as it were!

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