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Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving

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In this easy-to-use guide, rigid-heddle teacher and enthusiast Betty Davenport welcomes you to the exciting world of rigid-heddle weaving. This book starts with the basics: how rigid heddle looms work and how to choose the right loom for your needs. Then a series of projects gives you hands-on experience in how to set up the loom, weave beautiful cloth, and create handsome finishes. You'll make attractive household fabrics, accessories, and garments while progressing from the basics of plain weave through spaced warp, tapestry, inlay and hand-manipulated lace techniques. In addition to rigid-heddle skills, Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving provides a solid introduction to colour and design, applicable to any weaving project.

This book appeals to beginning and experienced weavers alike for its simple, inviting approach to these portable, friendly, versatile little looms.

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