Indiecita Malabrigo Nube


Malabrigo are a great company from Uruguay. They started off like many indy dyers, dying yarn in their kitchen and because their colours were so deep and exciting they quickly expanded to the large operation they have today which is well known globally. Malabrigo are as environmentally aware as possible, they run much of the heating of water in their factories through solar panels, the sheep that they use the fleece off is all free range having been looked after by proper shepherds, they also make a point of employing mostly women, particularly those who have had less opportunities than others.
So all in all I'm proud to be stocking Malabrigo Nube - which means Cloud in Spanish. 
Weight: 4 Ounces which is roughly 113g
Length of roving: roughly 5 yards or 4.6m
Uses: Can be spun, felted, used as thrums, knitted, many other things that you clever people can come up with and i'll marvel at them!
Nube = Cloud
Indiecita = Indie

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