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With experienced teacher Jane, delve into the exciting and magical world of indigo dyeing. On the day you'll see the dye vat being prepared with real indigo. You'll then begin to peg and stitch your fabric and tea towel into beautiful designs using the ancient techniques of shibori. Jane will take you through multiple techniques including simple stitch, folding, pegging and clamping. You'll create a series of samples and then later a more complicated design.

Shibori is the Japanese word that means to wring, squeeze or press and it encompasses many different forms of tie-dye and relies on the dye only being able to penetrate certain parts of the fabric to create intricate and beautiful patterns. Jane will guide you through the different techniques and we will also give you a copy of "Shibori Designs and Techniques" to reference and take home to continue your exploration into dyeing.

Then the magic happens! After submerging your work in the indigo dye bath when you pull it out you'll see the colour change happen before your very eyes! 

Then it's off to lunch to sit itching with anticipation! See our pre-booked lunch page to order a very good value offering in advance.

In the afternoon you'll unpick your work and reveal the stunning designs you've created.  

Course Times;
10am - Please arrive promptly or a bit before and browse the shop
10am - 11am Indigo Dye Vat preparation
10.30am - 12pm preparation of your fabrics and tea towel
12pm - 1pm Dipping into the Dye Vat
1pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 4pm Reveal your designs and maybe make some more!
What will be provided?
1/2m of good quality cotton fabric
A cotton tea towel to dye
Special shibori thread (that won’t break)
Good needles
Pegs and clamps
What you will need to bring
Rubber gloves
An apron
Small scissors
An erasable ‘frixion’ type pen for marking fabric – not essential but useful
10% Off voucher for use in Freya Jones on the day
Shibori Designs and Techniques Book Worth £9.99

What Shall I bring?
Please wear old clothes - indigo dyes! Fast! 
Please wear scruffy closed toe shoes for the same reason
If you have an old apron then bring it, if not we will provide one.

About The Tutor
Jane is an experienced creative textile artist working in Milton Keynes. She has been teaching in Adult
Education and schools for over 12 years, working in a variety of techniques.
Jane loves to do large community quilts in schools and groups and has been very busy during lockdown

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