Reverse Needle Felting Needle 40 Gauge-Freya Jones-Freya Jones Art and Craft

Reverse Needle Felting Needle 40 Gauge

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Reverse Needles pull the fibre back out of your work creating little tufts. This is perfect for making a fuzzy finish or to create hair or fur. As an example you may want a smooth finish on your piggy, but a few whisps of fuzz around his head, the reverse needle is ideal for this.

As it pulls the bottom up, it's great for making a graduated blend between colours. Lay your first colour down in the normal way. Add your second colour on of the first on half the space. Use the reverse needle at the join of the two colours to pull bits of the first layer through to create a seemless blend.

Accidentally felted a head and ear too much and they won't now join? Use the reverse needle to pull out bits of fluff on each piece to allow them to join together

The possibilities are endless!

Remember you may need to go back over the area with a normal needle felting needle to firm up what you've just done.

Price for 1 needle with protective case

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