Sliding Flyer Hook Ashford Bobbin - Double Drive-Ashford-Freya Jones Art and Craft

Sliding Flyer Hook Ashford Bobbin - Double Drive

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This is an Ashford Sliding Flyer Hook (SFH) Bobbin. It comes in a natural or lacquered finish. SFH Bobbins can hold up to 30% more fibre than standard bobbins.

These are the Bobbins you want if you have a sliding hook flyer double drive wheel 

Why bother having lacquered?
well the short answer is aesthetics, they look nicer. The Clear Lacquer brings out the grain of the wood whilst sealing it, this is a bobbin that should last you many years.
The Clear Lacquer means you don't have to finish it yourself with wax, it's completely finished.
They are smoother, sometimes the unfinished bobbins can be described as rough in texture - having said that some people prefer that.

So Why have unfinished?
It's cheaper and if you want to finish your bobbin yourself with wax or stains this is the one to go for


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