A Tea-Lightful Day! Copper Foiling Course

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Course times 9.30am-4pm

Copperfoiling is a stained-glass technique developed by the famous Tiffany Company. Join Carrie Kearsey, an experienced art teacher to learn how to design, cut and complete beautiful and creative glass items from a choice of designs to make your very own magical T-Light Holder! Perfect to give as a personalised gift to a loved one or for yourself!

What's included?
All tools and glass
Copper foil
Wires and beads etc.
Also aprons and rubber gloves
Extractor fans.
Plasters for small cuts.
Anti-bacteria hand gel 
Soldering irons are paired with extractor fans and open windows for
comfort and safety.
An information sheet covering all the processes is also available.

What should I bring?
Students are required to bring their own face masks and lunch/water etc. They must wear shoes with a closed toe - not sandals as a precaution against shards of glass on the floor cutting them or dropping glass. Small bottle of anti-bac hand gel for personal use. Their own apron if preferred but I will provide one. Please bring a lidded cup if you have one – this is to stop glass getting into your tea/ coffee!

Please bring your own lunch 

About Carrie Kearsey
I am a skilled artist and professional teacher of art, with a degree in Ceramics and Creative Design. I use a wide range of media in my own work including glass, ceramics and paint. I have developed my skills in stained glass, copperfoil and fused glass over a number of years and regularly teach copperfoil. I exhibit and sell my work locally.


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