Texsolv Heddles - Various

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Please use the guide below to select the correct heddles. Please Note we only keep in stock The Green Tie Ashford heddles and therefore delivery may be slightly longer.

The below list is not exhaustive or infallible it is intended as a guide only. Loom manufacturers have been known to change specifications over the years and we strongly recommend you measure your existing heddles before ordering. We do not accept returns of texsolv heddles unless in perfect condition i.e unremoved from packaging.


All Texsolv Heddles are sold in packs of 100

Description Eye  Looms
Length 150mm Red 12mm Woolgatherers Dutchmaster 2510
Length 180mm Blue 12mm Woolgatherers Dutchmaster 4016, Woolhouse Table Looms
Length 205mm Black 12mm Glimakra Victoria, Louet Jane, Klik, Magic Dobby and Kombo Looms, AVL Workshop Dobby Loom, Lill Stina Table Loom
Length 220mm Green 12mm Ashford Table Loom, Ashford Katie Loom, Glimakra Band Loom, Glimakra Pysslingen Loom, Toika Leena Loom, Macomber Baby Mac Loom
Length 237mm Brown 12mm Schacht Pup, Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf, Standard & Floor Loom, Leclerc Diana, Dorothy, Voyageur Loom
Length 268mm Pink 12mm Ashford Jack Loom, Lecrerc Artisat, Fanny, Mira, Nilus
Length 280mm White 12mm Toika Eeva, Laila, Liisa, Jaana, Norjaana, Sonja Looms, Glimakra Standard counterbalance and countermarch looms, Oxaback Lilla and Ulla Cyrus Looms, Louet David Loom
Length 318mm Blue 12mm Leclerc Colonial, Kebec, Nilart, Nilus II, Weavebird Looms
Length 330mm Green 12mm Toika Computer Dobby Looms, Glimakra Standard counterbalance and countermarch looms for increased shed, AVL Studio dobby loom, Louet Delta Loom, Macomber B type looms
Length 390mm Brown 12mm AVL A series Loom, Louet Megado and Spring Looms
Length 440mm White 12mm Pattern Heddles for various Draw and Damask Looms
Length 540mm Black 12mm Pattern Heddles for various Draw and Damask Looms

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